The Best Magnetic Eyelash Kits That Are User Friendly!

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When you want long, voluminous lashes but your natural lashes aren’t quite up to your expectations, there are a few makeup tools that can assist. One of them is falsies; false eyelashes have unfathomable transformational power. They can be used to make sparse eyelashes appear thicker, extend a shorter pair, or increase the volume of a shorter pair. Obviously, finding a pair of falsies that can help you attain your dream eye look is the easy part. However, applying artificial lashes effectively can be difficult (not to mention a test of patience), which is where our magnetic lashes come in. Why do you need our magnetic eyelash kits anyway?

  • Convenient

No doubt that it takes a lot of effort to get the hang of putting false lashes correctly. If you also have some trimming to do, the procedure can become tiresome and irritating. But worry no more, Glam Game Beauty magnetic lashes are for those who don't have the time or patience for either. We have high-quality magnetic lashes with strong hold magnetics in the lash band, so anchoring isn't essential. All you have to do is apply your eyeliner and you are good to go.

  • Variety

We have different sets of lash kits, others containing three pairs of magnetic lashes, magnetic lash liner, and a lash applicator to help with application and a palette case with a mirror to keep everything in place ranging in style from natural to full-glam. The styles our lashes offer are of excellent quality and may be used by anyone who wants natural, voluminous, or huge thick lashes.

  • Best for different occasions

Glam Game Beauty vegan mink lashes are made of cotton bands and magnets, giving each wisp a natural feel. Definitely, it is everything you need to get your perfect lash look! The liner, on the other hand, is a long-lasting, waterproof product with magnetic particles that keep lashes in place.

  • Cruelty free

Our lashes are made of high-quality material and are vegan-friendly. For instance, our Deluxe Kit includes lashes with  a lash band that has 5 magnets for easy application and a longer hold, ensuring that your vegan mink lashes stay in place for as long as you need them to. Simply apply 2-3 coats of Glam Game Beauty magnetic lash applicator, and then apply your lashes right away while the liner is slightly wet.. You can repeat this technique up to 30-50 times with the same set of lashes if they are properly cared for and stored.

  • Budget friendly

Check out our magnetic eyelashes if you don't want to spend a lot of money on lash extensions at the salon (maybe you're a first-time user or know you'll just use them sometimes). Our magnetic lashes are especially good for beginners, and our brand's magnetic eyeliner is free of parabens and latex, making it safe for individuals with sensitive skin.

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