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Level Up Your Look with Natural Looking Eyelashes

  • 3 min read

Elevate Your Lash Game: The New Era of Natural Eyelash Extension Look Magnetic Lashes

Hello, Glam Fam! 🌟

Today, I'm beyond excited to share something that's been brewing in the heart of Glam Game Beauty. We're all about enhancing your natural beauty while staying true to what feels authentic and real. In this spirit, we've created something extraordinary - a new addition to our Natural Look Collection that's set to redefine what natural lash extensions mean. Let's dive into this beauty revolution!

The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Creation

Our journey began with a simple question: How can we provide a product that feels as natural as it looks? This led us to explore the realm of natural eye extensions, where the focus is on enhancing, not overpowering, your natural beauty. The result? A lash that's not just an extension but a celebration of your natural allure.

Introducing Our Light and Wispy Natural Lashes

Crafted for sophistication and ease, our new lashes boast a light, wispy texture that seamlessly integrates with your lashes. The clear lash grip is our secret to that "barely-there" look, making them perfect for those who adore a natural cat eye eyelash extension but crave subtlety and elegance.

Little Lashes Natural Looking Magnetic Eyelashes

Little Lash Natural Looking Magnetic Eyelashes

A Closer Look at Our Lashes

What sets these lashes apart? It's all in the details:

Natural Feel

They're so light, you'll forget you're wearing extensions.

Clear Lash Grip

For a flawless, seamless blend with your natural lashes.


Perfect for any occasion, whether it's a day at the office or a night out.

Exclusive Preview in Sarasota

For our local fans, we're hosting an exclusive preview! Join us at the Olala Market at Beach Bazaar on Siesta Key. It's a unique opportunity to experience these natural false lashes in person before they hit our online store. So what is the name of this lash you may ask? It is called Little Lash. And If you are online, you can only get this lash in our Natural Luxury Lash Kit - A triple lash kit of our most popular natural looking lashes: Very Natural Lash, Baby Lash and Little Lash.

Early Black Friday Deals at Our Pop-Up Shop

That's not all! We're kickstarting our Black Friday sales at the pop-up shop. Expect amazing deals on our entire range, including these new lashes. It's a perfect time to experience our products and snag some incredible deals.

The Beauty and Convenience of Natural Lash Extensions

The beauty world is constantly evolving, and natural lash extensions are at the forefront of this evolution. Our new lashes are more than just a beauty product; they're a lifestyle choice for those who value natural, effortless elegance.

How to Wear and Care for Your Lashes

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your new lashes:


Apply gently with the clear lash grip for a natural finish.


Handle with care and store properly to extend their life.


Pair with minimal makeup for a subtle look or amp it up for a dramatic effect.

What Our Early Adopters Are Saying

We've had some early feedback from users in Sarasota, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The common theme? The natural look and feel of these lashes are unmatched.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Natural Lash Extensions

We're just getting started! The introduction of these lashes marks the beginning of a new chapter in natural beauty. Stay tuned for more innovations and additions to our Natural Look Collection.

Join the Glam Game Beauty Community

Stay connected with us for more updates, tips, and exclusive offers. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube at @glamgamebeauty.

Our new natural lash extension magnetic lashes are more than just a product - they're a testament to our commitment to natural beauty and innovation. We can't wait for you to try them and join us in this exciting new chapter.

Remember, beauty is about feeling good in your skin, and we're here to enhance that with a touch of glamour.

Stay beautiful,

Cynthia 💋

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