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How It All Started

Eyes are the window to the soul, and I couldn't agree more. What's the first thing we focus on when we look at another person? Eyes! So needless to say, I take my eyes very seriously.

Oh, by the way, it's nice to meet you! I'm Cynthia. Have we met? Let me give you my bio in a nutshell... I'm a 40-something mom who grew up a little gawky and awkward only to discover in my 20's that I had an inner passion for makeup, hair, glam, heels, sequins, glitter, etc. 😉

After years of honing my glam skills (byway of my love of makeup) I fell in love with a strong lash, and realized it was the cornerstone of "my look". I've tried every lash method you can imagine - lash strips, individual lashes, lash serums, lash extensions - you name it! As I tested each of these products, I also learned about the cons of each: messy glues, flimsy lashes that poke your eye, glue allergies, and a ridiculous annual spend in lash extensions that could literally equate to a super luxe vacation 💸 😩💸. (no offense to my lash artist who was brilliant!)

Then I found the solution - Magnetic Eyelashes! And not just any magnetic eyelashes (believe me, I've tried the versions that don't work too 😂). 

I designed Glam Game Magnetic Lashes that are made to the specs and standards that I required. Glam Game Magnetic Lashes work because they have 5 sleek magnets, strategically placed from the edges of the lashes. Pair these lashes with Glam Game Magnetic Liner and watch the lashes lock onto the liner effortlessly! It's a match made in heaven 😇.

Glam Game Magnetic Lashes are lightweight, stay locked in place all day and then remove easily at night! It is a dream come true and I KNOW that many other woman will fall in love with these lashes too!!

I've curated a collection of lashes for any event... Short lashes and long lashes; Bold lashes and subtle lashes; From days at the office to brunch on the weekends; Beach days in bikinis to anniversary date night. These lashes stand up to your blow-out at the salon, splashes on a pool day, windy beaches, and even racing around in a boat on the bay! I've tested every scenario so you can be confident that your lashes will be locked in place. 

Make your eyes pop with Glam Game Magnetic Lashes! You WON'T be disappointed! 🥰

Let's Be Friends

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