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A Beginner Guide to Using A Magnetic Lash Applicator Tool

  • 2 min read

Isn't it true that the longer the lashes, the better? There's something about having long, thick lashes that transforms any eye makeup look in an instant. While wearing artificial lashes can provide you with the drama you desire, they can be difficult to wear. Note that magnetic lashes are the newest makeup trend. Therefore, magnetic eyelashes are essentially the solution to all of our makeup prayers. Continue reading to learn how to use magnetic lashes with our eyelash adhesive pen.

Usually, magnetic eyelashes consist of a false eyelash with 5 magnets on the lash line.  When used with our eyelash adhesive pen, the magnets on the lashes will stick to the eyeliner above your natural lashes.  Isn't it straightforward?

How to use the magnetic eyelash applicator tool

Applying your magnetic eyelashes is a breeze with the magnetic lashes applicator tool! It can be difficult to get your lashes in the ideal position, but with this tool, all you have to do is line your eyes with our eyelash adhesive pen, apply the lashes, press them on the liner, and you're done! Below is a step by step guide.

  • Apply 3 generous coats of our Lash Grip eyelash adhesive pen as you would a normal eyeliner above your natural lash line.
  • While the liner is still wet, use the magnetic eyelash applicator tool to grab the lashes and position the lashes on the adhesive liner. Adjust any lashes that aren't in the right location.
  • When you are satisfied with the position of the lashes, place the lashes onto the adhesive liner and press the lashes firmly onto the adhesive liner using the end of the magnetic lash applicator tool.
  • Repeat on the opposite eye with the other pair of lashes.

Pro tip: When using the magnetic lashes applicator, grab the lashes rather than the magnets on the magnetic lash band so that you can place and release the lashes from the applicator more easily.

Why choose our magnetic eyelashes

There's no need for messy glues of the past when used with our eyelash adhesive pen! Our magnetic lashes are a no-mess, quick-to-apply option for folks who don't wear lashes every day. Finally, they're simple to remove and can be reused multiple times with proper care and cleaning. Click here to order today!

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