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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Magnetic Eyelash Kit In 2022

  • 2 min read

You have to try our magnetic eyelash kits if you adore the look of false lashes or lash extensions but don't want to struggle with glue and to get them to stick. Together, magnetic eyeliner and lashes may quickly and simply produce a fake lash effect, decreasing the worry that eyelash glue will ruin your makeup look. Should you try them? Yes! By reading on, you can discover everything there is to know about magnetic lashes and eyeliner.

But how can you apply magnetic lashes using magnetic eyeliner? It's relatively easy. Here is what to do.

1. Line your eyes

With your magnetic liner, begin by lining your upper lash line. You can use small, feathered strokes to draw a precise line or let it wing out if you like. Then, you can apply it just like regular liquid eyeliner. Just make sure the line is as close to your lash line is thick enough to act as a stable foundation for your magnetic lashes to stick to. Before continuing, give your eyeliner adequate time to dry.

2. Apply your lashes

It's time to apply your magnetic eyeliner lashes, so grab them! To help it better fit the curve of your eye; slightly bend your magnetic lash strip. Then, to make sure the lash strip is the same length as your lid, hold it close to your lash line. Also, you can trim as necessary. All that is needed to achieve an instantaneously long, yet natural lash look, is to align your magnetic lash with your lash line and set it on top of the magnetic lash liner.

To remove them, carefully pull your lashes away from your eyelid. Peel them slowly to keep them in good shape. Then a makeup remover is required to remove the eyeliner. First, cleanse your face. Then use makeup remover to wipe your eyelids. Avoid getting products in your eyes at all costs. Ensure you take proper care of your eyelashes to get the most out of them.

Absolutely, the magnetic lash kit is safe! Feel free to use them daily. Avoid getting any liner in your eyes, this will prevent any irritation. Additionally, magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner won't harm your natural lashes. Like mascara, the liner goes on your eyelids rather than your lashes. offers you the best magnetic eyelash kits, click here to shop.

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