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How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

Our Magnetic Lashes and Liner will change the way you wear lashes! Glam Game Magnetic Lashes are comfortable to wear and have an all day hold when used with our Liquid Magnetic Liner.  When can you wear magnetic lashes? Well our lashes can handle any occasion - beach days, HIIT workouts, sad movies, even splashing around in the pool.  Follow the steps below and see for yourself! 

How to apply your magnetic lashes: 

  1. Draw your liner on your upper eyelid with the liquid magnetic liner (we recommend 2 generous coats of liner).  Wait 30 seconds of drying time.
  2. Place the lashes directly on top of the liner and allow one minute for lashes to set.
  3. After one minute, press the lashes firmly on the liner.
  4. Allow 5-10 more minutes of drying time before exposing lashes to wind or humidity.

NOTE: If you don't feel the lashes sticking securely to the liner you will need to apply an additional coat of liner

How do you remove magnetic liner? Easy! Wash your face with warm soapy water to loosen the liner and follow up with an oil based makeup remover to clean up any liner residue.  

Watch our tutorial video below ⬇️ to see how to apply magnetic lashes ✨ 


2 Responses



January 25, 2024

Awesome! Good question – the answer is you can do either. I suggest trying without mascara. Some find the new lashes give plenty of volume. Remember they sit on your real lashes, so you will likely get more than double. Others like mascara after applying the lashes, to blend the colors together, especially if you have naturally lighter colored lashes. Welcome to the Glam fam! and enjoy those lashes!

Lynne Castagna

Lynne Castagna

January 25, 2024

I just received my Glam Lash kit and excited to try them on. It’s a first! Question do you have to put mascara on or can you simply apply the lashes? Does adding mascara add to the effect? Thanks!

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