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Common Mistakes People Make When Using Magnetic Lashes

  • 2 min read

It's a rite of passage for many of us to attempt and fail to apply artificial eyelashes. They're generally troublesome to wear because of messy glue, sticky fingers, and visible bumps that we try to cover with eyeliner. Fortunately, magnetic lashes are here to change everything; by doing away with the annoying glue, specifically. In comparison to other lash variations, magnetic lashes can appear significantly more understated and have exceptional lasting power.

Typically, it all comes down to how well you take care of your possessions in terms of longevity and keeping their quality. To guarantee that you appreciate whatever products you purchase, knowing how to treat each one with the proper care and what mistakes to avoid is vital. Please continue reading to discover magnetic lash mistakes that most people make and how to avoid them.

1. Not properly cleaning the lashes after use

Why do magnetic fake lashes need to be cleaned after every use? First, it is always best to wipe the magnetic eyelashes after using them to ensure no magnetic liquid eyeliner residue is left on the lash bands, aside from hygienic concerns. Additionally, the accumulation of magnetic liner on the eyelids may act as a barrier, preventing the magnetic lash band from connecting to the liner the next time.

2. Pulling them out so hard

Also, the magnetic eyelash band can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Magnetic lashes from Glam Game Beauty are precisely handcrafted to feel light as if nothing is on your eyelids. Therefore, it needs to be removed from the case and your eyes very carefully.

Magnetic eyelashes are designed to be worn repeatedly; therefore, we must constantly take additional care to extend their life so you can use them more frequently and save more money!

3. Using wrong cleaning products

-It is strictly forbidden to soak the magnetic lashes in water, boiling water, makeup remover, or any other unapproved cleaning agent.

-Warm or hot water is insufficient to remove any liner residue from the magnets and lash bands, and it will also cause the lash to lose its curl.

-Makeup removers frequently contain solvents intended to dissolve makeup; therefore, if they are used on magnetic lashes, the residue may eventually cause the lash bands to disintegrate.

Our goal at Glam Game Beauty is to offer the highest-quality magnetic lashes possible! We also hope you adore the magnetic liquid eyeliner and lashes and take proper, considerate care of your Magnetic Lashes!

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