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Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner

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Dries Quickly | Waterproof | Removes With Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Glam Game Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner is the secret for your magnetic lash transformation. This eyeliner locks your magnetic lashes into place for a secure hold all day long.

Just apply 2 coats of liner and wait 30 seconds after each coat for drying. Place your magnetic lashes on top and press lashes onto your lash line firmly to ensure a solid connection. That's It! You are now ready to start batting your eyelashes like a boss!  

  • Put on all eye makeup before applying the magnetic eyeliner.
  • When applying the liner, make the line as thick as the lash magnets.
  • Apply magnetic eyelashes 30 seconds after the 2nd coat of liner, when the eyeliner is slightly wet. This will lock your lashes into place all day.
  • You may need to apply an additional coat of liner if you reposition your lashes throughout the day.

  • After removing eyelashes, wash face with warm water to loosen the eyeliner.
  • Soak a cotton ball with an oil-based makeup remover and swipe across eyelid.
  • Wait 1 minute and then wipe to remove the magnetic eyeliner.
  • Repeat above steps if additional residue remains.
  • If additional residue remains, run a washcloth under warm water, wring out and apply to eyes for 1-2 minutes. Repeat above steps to remove any remaining residue.

Important: Do a patch test before applying to eyes to ensure there are no allergies or irritations. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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At Glam Game Beauty, we are confident you will love your magnetic lashes and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ✅

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