Lash Game Strong: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Magnetic Lashes & Liner 2023

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Gone are the days of settling for less, especially when it comes to our lashes. Ladies, it's 2023 and we're here to unravel the lash-tastic question, "Which magnetic lashes are best?" Dive into this guide as we spill the deets on the best magnetic lashes for both beginners and lash connoisseurs alike.

1. It’s All About the Liner:

Your magnetic lash journey begins with a top-tier eyeliner. Here's what you need to know:

  • Magnetic Hold: It's imperative for the liner to have a magnetic hold strong enough to keep your lashes fluttery and fabulous all day.
  • Fluid Over Chalky: When shopping for the best magnetic eyelashes for beginners, opt for a more fluid formula. Why? It’s simple - fluid liners move with your skin, ensuring you never feel like you're wearing an eyelid seatbelt every time you blink. The chalky ones, in contrast, tend to be a tad drying.

2. Quality Over Quantity: 

After liner comes the actual star of the show: the Lash.

You want a lash that has realistic looking lashes (that also feel real), and a flexible cotton band so that it is comfortable to wear. In this video, I'm wearing a lash that checks all of those boxes, Fresh Lash Magnetic Lash & Liner Kit. If you're in search of the best magnetic lashes that offer a soft glam and realistic appeal, this kit from Glam Game Beauty is your ticket. Vegan mink ensures your lashes not only look real but feel super soft, unlike those dollar store plastic wonders of yesteryears.

3. Number & Type of Magnets Matter:

It's not just about having magnets, but about having the right kind and the right number:

  • 5-6 Flat Magnets: Fresh Lash boasts six flat magnets, offering ample support ensuring the lashes sit comfortably and securely. This style is great for those who prioritize comfort. On a standard size lash, 5 or 6 flat magnets will give you a strong hold to keep your lashes in place. 
  • 10 Mini Magnets: While some might have a penchant for 10 mini magnets because of their trimming versatility, it’s all about what floats your boat. The good news? Both styles ensure you don’t compromise on the lash’s allure even if you snip a magnet or two.

4. Achieving the Lash Extension Look:

Dreaming of a lash extension look without the hassle? The Fresh Lash Soft Glam Magnetic Eyelash & Magnetic Eyeliner Kit is your magic wand. It magnificently opens up your eyes, camouflaging any hooded or saggy skin. It's the ideal blend of beauty and comfort, giving your eyes that irresistible charm!

Choosing the best magnetic eyelashes and liner doesn't have to be a Herculean task. From ensuring a comfortable fit with a fluid liner to selecting a lash that perfectly complements your eye, it's all about understanding the basics. And remember, whether you're just starting your lash journey or are looking for an upgrade, the Fresh Lash Mid-Length Soft Glam Magnetic Eyelash & Magnetic Eyeliner Kit from GlamGameBeauty has got you covered!

Remember, beauty mavens: life's too short for bad vibes and bad lashes. Choose wisely and flutter on! 🦋👁️✨


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