How to Apply Magnetic Lashes with Clear Liner using Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

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Applying magnetic lashes has never been easier, thanks to Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen! This innovative product makes it simple to get the perfect lashes every time, without the hassle of messy glue or other adhesives. In this tutorial, we'll show you step-by-step how to apply magnetic lashes with a clear liner for a natural-looking lash look.



Step 1: Clean Your Lashes
Before you begin, it's important to clean your lash magnets by gently scraping off any liner residue, if any remains from your last wear. This will ensure the best hold and prevent any potential irritation or infections.

Step 2: Apply Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen
Shake the Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen several times before you begin. Next, using the Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen, line your lash line with three coats of liner, being generous with the amount of liner each time by pressing the pen firmly when you apply. This will ensure a strong hold for your magnetic lashes.

Step 3: Wait for Tacky Consistency
Allow one minute of drying time after the final coat of liner. The liner should not dry completely, it should still be tacky. This will ensure that the lashes will stick to the liner easily and stay in place all day.

Step 4: Apply Magnetic Lashes
There's no need for bottom lashes! Simply hold the top lash to your lash line and press it firmly onto the tacky Lash Grip liner. Repeat for the other eye.

Step 5: Wait for Drying and Style
Wait 5 minutes for the Lash Grip liner to completely dry before blending and styling your lashes. This will give the liner enough time to set and keep your lashes in place.

With Lash Grip Adhesive Eyeliner Pen, applying magnetic lashes has never been easier! Say goodbye to messy glue and hello to natural-looking lashes. So, get your Lash Grip today and achieve the perfect lash look every time!

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