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Embrace Your Inner Mermaid: An Ariel-Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

  • 2 min read

Welcome to the underwater kingdom of beauty! Dive in as we transform into Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. 


Firstly, the most important element to any makeup look is a strong foundation. For this, we're focusing on the brows. Fill them in using our Perfection Brow Sculpt.

Then, it's time to go under the sea with our eyeshadow. Use a seafoam green shimmery shadow on your lower lids and a light contour powder in your crease. Our Color Up Contour Singles in almond color works like a charm.

Next, add a touch of Ariel's world with a shimmery purple shadow for your outer corner and crease. Now, blend it out!

To avoid looking washed out, blend in some contour color. Draw in a black gel eyeliner, add some mascara, and then it's time for lashes. Dab on some magnetic liner and slap on a pair of our light and wispy Bashful Cat Eye Magnetic Lash.

Now, let's get that sunkissed look Ariel is known for. Add some blush and bronzer for a glowy, sunkissed look. Our Color Up Blush Singles in coral color and Color Up Bronzer in bronze color are perfect for this.

Lastly, fill in your lips with Ariel's signature red and dab on some gloss. Add more depth to the crease with the purple shadow again. It's time for hair! Tease your bangs, smooth them over, and roll it up for the classic Ariel swoop.

Now, grab your dinglehopper because it's time for hair! Pin it in place with about 100 bobby pins, tuck one side behind your ear, and add a flower.

Peer into a golden shell to reapply your lipgloss and you're ready for Sebastian's concert - or is it Prince Eric's party on the Jolly Rogers?

Either way, you're in! Let's be part of Ariel's world with this easy, fun, and trendy mermaid look!

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