Elevate Your Natural Beauty with Subtle Lash: Your Go-To For A Natural Lash Extensions Look

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In an era that often values extravagance, finding a product that highlights, rather than overshadows, your natural beauty can feel like an endless quest. Cue Subtle Lash Magnetic Lashes —a marvel in the world of false lashes with natural lash extensions look that promises to give your eyes the allure you crave without turning them into a Broadway marquee. 

Subtle Lash Natural Cat Eye Extensions Look False Lashes

Subtle Lash - a natural cat eye extension look false lash

The genesis of Subtle Lash has been a much requested and heavily anticipated product and many were excited to try this lash at the Sarasota Salsa & Bachata Fest. It was there we met dancers from the east coast and midwest who were in town to dance all weekend. Many had a very specific beauty request; they wanted a natural eye extensions look that would create a subtle oomph without being overwhelmingly dramatic. This dilemma became our inspiration, leading to the creation of Subtle Lash—a product that embraces the concept of "less is more."

Subtle Lash Extension Eyelashes Natural False Lashes

Natural vs. Synthetic: The Dilemma

If you've ever experimented with false lashes or eyelash extensions, you'll know that choosing the right kind can be perplexing. Many people find themselves caught between the extremes of barely-there and overly dramatic lashes. This story is not unique; it highlighted a gap in the market for a natural cat eye eyelash extensions look that perfectly balances the scales of subtlety and allure.

Natural Beauty Reimagined

Subtle Lash embraces your natural beauty, seamlessly blending with your own lashes to provide a softer, more natural look. This is not your typical lash extension that screams for attention; it's a gentle whisper that says, "I'm beautiful, naturally."

Subtle Lash Natural Lash Extensions Look False Lashes

Extension Eyelashes Natural: The Fabric of Beauty

Our choice of material for Subtle Lash goes beyond synthetic fibers. We incorporate vegan mink threads, which not only create a natural sheen but also feel lighter and softer, allowing for extended wear without irritation.

Magnetic Magic, Minus the Mess

The Subtle Lash design employs magnetic technology, which has revolutionized the world of Natural False Lashes. Unlike glue-based lashes that can become messy and problematic, Subtle Lash ensures a cleaner, more secure fit.

Preparation Is Key

Before diving into the application process, it's crucial to ensure your eyelids are clean and dry. Use an oil-free makeup remover and a cotton pad to wipe away any residual makeup or natural oils from your eyelids. This creates a clean base for the magnetic liner to adhere to.

The Magnetic Liner

The magnetic liner is the cornerstone of Subtle Lash's easy application process. Shake the liner well before use and then apply a thin, even line along your upper lash line. It's important to let the liner dry for about 60 seconds to achieve the optimal magnetic latch effect.

The Final Touch

Once the liner has dried, it's time to apply your Subtle Lash. Start by placing the lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible, beginning at the inner corner of your eye. Slowly work your way to the outer corner, ensuring the magnets align and connect with the magnetic liner. Adjust as needed.

How Long Do Subtle Lashes Last?

With proper care, Subtle Lash can last up to 30 - 50 wears. Store them in the storage case in a cool, dry place and ensure they are free of makeup and dirt after each use.

Subtle Lash Natural Eye Extensions Look False Lashes

Can I Apply Mascara on Magnetic Lashes?

While Subtle Lash Magnetic Lashes is designed to eliminate the need for mascara, some people prefer adding a coat for extra volume. If you do, make sure you put on mascara before you apply your lashes.  

How Do I Remove Magnetic Lashes?

To remove, gently lift the lash strip from the outer corner, moving inwards. Wipe away the magnetic liner with oil-free makeup remover.

Why Subtle Lash Is Your Best Beauty Investment

Choosing Subtle Lash is not just selecting another beauty product; it's an investment in a simpler, more beautiful life. In a world that often demands we go big or go home, Subtle Lash allows you to find beauty in subtlety and sophistication in simplicity.

Subtle Lash Natural Eyelash Extensions Look False Lashes

Get your Subtle Lash Deluxe Kit here and step into a world of natural beauty. 

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