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The Dance-tastic World of Just Dance Tampa Bay! 🌍✨

  • 2 min read

Ever wanted to globe-trot without, you know, the jet lag, the plane food, or the... well, planes? Last weekend, I found a ticket to do just that at the #JustDanceTampaBay event. Buckle up, fellow dance fans; you're in for a whirlwind ride!*


Salsa & Bachata: The Spicy Start 🌶️**  

Our journey kicked off in the sultry streets of Latin America. Between the hip-shaking #Salsa and the close-embrace magic of #Bachata, it felt like a mini-vacay to the passionate realms of dancing.

Bhangra & Bollywood: From Tampa to Tinseltown 🎬**  

Next, we dashed across the globe to India, where #Bhangra beats and #Bollywood drama awaited. I was half-expecting a sudden rain dance sequence, but alas, the venue's ceiling held up. Rain check?

The Exotic Stop: Belly Dance 💃**  

Midway, we took a mesmerizing detour with some #BellyDance. I mean, how do they even...? I tried. I failed. Let's leave it to the pros, shall we?

The Modern Groove: Hip Hop, Zouk, & Urban Kiz 🎶**  

No global dance tour is complete without tapping into the urban streets. We got served some serious #HipHop vibes, swayed with #Zouk, and grooved to #UrbanKiz. My imaginary passport was getting pretty full by now.

The Encore

The real cherry on top? The sense of community. This wasn’t just about watching people dance; it was about being a part of a vibrant, supportive community where every shuffle and shimmy was cheered on.


Calling All Tampa Dance Lovers!**  

If you're a Tampa resident with dancing feet (or even just dancing eyes, like me), next year's #JustDanceTampaBay is your jam. 

For those who missed it or simply want to relive the magic, I've got a teaser that's hotter than a summer day in Tampa. Check it out here:




And hey, drop a comment with your favorite dance style or, you know, if you too have tried and failed at belly dancing. No judgment. 😉

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