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Dancing through Orlando and Miami: Where Salsa, Bachata, and Makeup Magic Converge

  • 2 min read

The dance world is an intoxicating blend of artistry, movement, and soul. From the high-energy beats of **salsa dancing** to the sensual rhythms of **bachata dancing**, there's an undeniable magnetism that draws one in. Recently, I had the privilege to be immersed in this enchanting world, with memories from the *Orlando Salsa Congress* to the beats of the *Miami Latin Hustle Dancing* still echoing in my ears.

But let me take you on a journey that's as much about rhythm as it is about radiance. One of the highlights during my time at the *Orlando Salsa Congress* was meeting the talented @leah_duque. If you've ever been to a dance congress, you'd know that **performance makeup** isn't just about looking good; it's a dancer's armor, a layer of confidence. 

And here's where things took a dramatic turn.

Just 10 minutes before her captivating performance, Leah faced every dancer's worst makeup nightmare. An irritation from her eye makeup had her eyes watering profusely, causing her regular strip lash to detach. The clock was ticking, and the pressure was on. Swiftly coming to the rescue, I first blotted her watery eyes gently and calmed the irritation. The usual lash glue was the source of the problem so I had to improvise. I opted for my trusty liquid magnetic liner. This emergency solution was a game-changer. By using the magnetic liner instead of traditional glue, I managed to secure Leah's lash in the nick of time.

Post-performance, a relieved Leah shared that the magnetic liner held up brilliantly, ensuring her stage presence remained unaffected by the makeup mishap.

Our time in Orlando wasn't just about dance; it was about camaraderie, the shared joys and challenges, and celebrating the blend of art and innovation. And as we look forward to the *Miami Salsa Dancing* nights and the energy of *Miami Latin Hustle Dancing*, there's a sense of anticipation, of stories waiting to unfold.

Dance, after all, isn't just about the steps you take; it's about the moments that take your breath away.

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