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Dance, Glam, and the Magnetic Allure of the Tempt Lash Deluxe Kit

  • 2 min read

Hello, all you glam aficionados out there!

Have you ever been so utterly captivated by someone's look that you couldn’t resist taking a second, third, or even fourth glance? Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing such a transformation, and it’s a story I must share with all of you!

Cynthia and Lynn at the Just Dance Tampa Bay 2023 event at the Glam Game Beauty booth Lynn taking a selfie while wearing Glam Game Beauty Cat Eye Look False Lashes in the style Tempt Lash Magnetic Lashes

At the much-anticipated @JustDanceTampaBay event, a sea of passionate dancers gathered, prepping for their spotlight moment. Among this radiant crowd was @najlazayn11, a dynamic mom who not only fulfills her motherly duties with aplomb but also moves with an unmatched grace on the dance floor, particularly when it comes to the sensuous art of belly dancing.

With the rhythmic beats and contagious energy enveloping the room, one thing was crystal clear: dancers, especially those as committed and enthusiastic as @najlazayn11, deserve to look and feel their absolute best. And what better way to elevate her look than with the seductive allure of magnetic lashes?

Enter the Tempt Lash Mid Length Magnetic Lash Deluxe Kit from our Glam Game Beauty collection. These flirty cat-eye lashes are more than just an accessory; they're a statement. Crafted meticulously, they cling to your lash line, promising an enchanting gaze, adding a hint of seduction that pairs perfectly with a belly dancing outfit or any glamorous ensemble, for that matter.

Lynn wearing our cat eye magnetic lashes in the style Tempt Close up eye picture of the Tempt Lash cat eye magnetic lash by Glam Game Beauty

The application? It was pure magic! As I applied the Tempt Lashes on @najlazayn11, the transformation was evident. The lashes, coupled with her impeccable belly dancing attire and, let's not forget, those absolutely stunning curls (seriously, hair envy is REAL!), made for a show-stopping look.

Lynn wearing our Tempt Lash Mid Length Magnetic Eyelashes Lynn wearing the Tempt Lash Mid length Magnetic Lash Deluxe Kit by Glam Game Beauty

Now, for those of you who are pondering about getting their hands on this luxurious lash kit, I cannot recommend it enough. Be it a grand event, a dance recital, or just a day where you wish to feel fabulous, the Tempt Lash Mid Length Magnetic Lash Deluxe Kit is your go-to beauty companion.

Get yours now, and experience the magnetism firsthand. And while you're at it, take inspiration from the incredible @najlazayn11, who's a shining example of how a busy mama can juggle responsibilities and still set the dance floor on fire!

Until next time, stay glamorous!

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