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Getting Ready Just Got Easy... Shop Our #1 Best-Seller! Introducing BABY LASH Lightweight Magnetic Eyelash

Go from natural to lash-tastic in 60 seconds with vegan magnetic lashes that won't feel stiff or fall off. BABY LASH is our smallest, most natural-looking lash. Get the perfect degree of glam without that heavy "fake lash feeling".

💞 Reusable, safe, and cruelty-free
💞 So comfy you'll forget you're wearing it

What BABY LASH Lovers Are Saying…

"Very natural. I don't wear very much makeup, so this last was perfect for me!"

"These lashes actually stay on all day. Better than other brands I've tried!"

"It's so hard to find short and natural magnetic lashes. This one is a winner!"

Get Glam in Seconds! Application Is a Snap

Subtle, sexy & simple to wear: The BABY LASH Lightweight Magnetic Eyelash is easy to apply... even if you hate putting on lashes. It's also water and sweat proof, making smudges and slips a thing of the past. Take on the day while looking your best—without obsessively checking the mirror.

How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

Shake Glam Game magnetic liquid eyeliner gently. Apply 2 coats to upper lid in a thin line, letting dry for 30 seconds each.

Apply magnetic lashes to liner, pressing down lightly to ensure a secure fit.

Remove by pulling gently from outer corner. Remove liner with an oil-based makeup remover.*

*Avoid eyelash contact with oil-based makeup remover.

BABY LASH Is Perfect for…

✨ Special events & weddings

✨ Vacations & travel

✨ Date nights & friend outings

✨ School and workdays

✨ Last-minute glow-ups


“What Do I Need To Know About Glam Game Magnetic Lashes?”

❣️ They're vegan-mink.We believe in cruelty-free products that don't harm animals.

❣️ They're reusable... up to 30 times!No need to toss after a single use. Clean the magnetic lash by scraping off dried magnetic liner.

❣️ They'll last longer with proper care.Avoid contact with makeup remover and store in the provided compact.

❣️ They're not for everyone.Always do a patch test before applying liner to eyes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

ATTN: Next-Level Lash Lovers! Pro Tips For Wearing BABY LASH Lightweight Magnetic Eyelash

💡 Put on all eye makeup before applying magnetic eyeliner

💡 While applying, make eyeliner line as thick as the lash magnets

💡 Apply magnetic lashes 30 seconds after 2nd coat of liner (it will be slightly wet) to lock them into place

💡 Apply additional coat of liner if you reposition your lashes throughout the day

Our Customers Can't Get Enough

"Great short lash that compliments my natural lashes for a more full look."

"So fast and easy to put on.  Way better than using the old glue on method."

"Love that these lashes give just enough length.  Not too much."

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