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ALMOST FAMOUS Mid-length Magnetic Lashes

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Our Almost Famous Magnetic Lashes are mid-length wispy lashes that will have you innocently saying "Who, me?" after your next post goes viral. Pair this lash with a boho chic dress for your next brunch and you will feel like you are Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Sipping on mimosas never looked so good!

We recommend this lash to those that want a more pronounced look to show off your beautiful eyes, and makeup. These are longer than our Petite lashes, but not longest that we carry. Truly a mid-length, more natural looking wispy lash.

Our Glam Game magnetic lashes feature powerful, light weight magnets that adhere wonderfully to our specially formulated Glam Game Magnetic Eyeliner. Make sure you have yours, stock up today!

🖤 Reusable, safe, and cruelty-free

🖤 So lightweight you'll forget you're wearing it

Glam Game Magnetic Lashes are easy to apply... even if you hate putting on lashes. It's also water and sweat proof, making smudges and slips a thing of the past. Take on the day while looking your best—without obsessively checking the mirror!


Includes a pair of Almost Famous wispy magnetic lashes. IMPORTANT: Magnetic liner is required and sold separately. 


    STEP 1 Shake Glam Game magnetic liquid eyeliner gently. Apply 2 coats to upper lid, letting dry for 30 seconds each.

    STEP 2  Apply magnetic lashes to liner while liner is still lightly wet (very important!), pressing lashes down onto liner to ensure a secure fit.

    STEP 3 Remove by pulling gently from outer corner. Remove liner with an oil-based makeup remover.

    Important: Avoid eyelash contact with oil-based makeup remover. Always do a patch test before applying liner to eyes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.


    Put on all eye makeup before applying the magnetic eyeliner.

    When applying the liner, make line as thick as the lash magnets.

    Apply magnetic lashes 30 seconds after 2nd coat of liner (it will be slightly wet) to lock them into place.

    Apply additional coat of liner if you reposition your lashes throughout the day.


    Magnetic Liner Required! Liner included in Magnetic Lashes with Liner Kits | Reusable up to 50 times | Lash can be trimmed

    Collection: Date Night Look

    Lash Look: Round and Wispy

    Eye Shape: Suitable for all adults

    Volume: Full Volume Lash

    Length x Width: 10-15mm x 35mm

    Color: Black

    Magnets: 5-Magnet Lash Band

    Lash Material: Vegan Mink Lashes, Cotton Band, Magnets


    Please Note: Glam Game Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes require magnetic eyeliner for use.

    How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work? Magnetic eyelashes have small magnets fixed to the lash band, that require a magnetic liner to adhere to.  

    For best results, we strongly recommend using Glam Game Beauty Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner with our Magnetic Eyelashes.  Not all magnetic eyeliners are equal and special care has been taken to formulate the very best magnetic eyeliner on the market.