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How To Apply Press On Lashes

  • 1 min read

How To Apply Press On Lashes

STEP 1:Gently peel lash from the tray grabbing the lash from the outer corner.

STEP 2:Size the lash to your eye and trim the lash from the outer corner if necessary.

STEP 3:Place lashes close to your lash line and press firmly in place from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner.

Wear your lashes for up to 16 hours. Avoid direct contact with water while wearing lashes.

STEP 4:To remove lashes, pull the lash from the outer and place lashes back in case.Get up to 10 uses with each lash.


How To Replace the Adhesive Strip

STEP 1:To replace adhesive strip, gently pull the old adhesive strip from the lash. (1 extra adhesive lash strip included)

STEP 2:Center the lash on the new adhesive strip and press it firmly with fingertips or tweezers to secure the lash strip.

STEP 3:Pull the lash from the tray and remove any excess from the adhesive strip before wearing again.