Girl Talk with Glam Queen Cynthia: An Olala Events Exclusive

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Hey there, lovelies! Today's blog article is a flashback to my interview with Amélie from Olala Events in fall of 2022, and let me tell you, it is all about sisterhood, empowerment, and a whole lotta glam. So let's go back in time and relive the interview... (to catch the original interview, check out the article here on the Olala Events website.)

Let's Get Started With the Interview

Amélie: I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Cynthia, the dazzling genius behind Glam Game Beauty and SHIMMERSIX. If you're keen to know how a savvy entrepreneur can seamlessly blend motherhood, business, and, of course, magnetic lashes, then you're in the right place!

From Corporate to Cosmetic Royalty
First up, let's get into Cynthia's backstory. From corporate powerhouse to full-time mom and now an entrepreneur, she's wearing all the hats, and she's doing it with style. Her journey into the world of clean, natural glam began during her maternity leave. The outcome? SHIMMERSIX—a line of personal care products that are as good for you as they look.

The Natural Glam Metamorphosis
Imagine wanting to be glamorous without dousing yourself in chemicals. That's where Cynthia comes in. The existing products just weren't making the cut. So, she brought "Orglamic" into the world. Yes, you heard that right—organic and glam combined!

Up Close & Personal with Pop-Ups
What makes this story super special is how I met Cynthia. During their first-ever pop-up market venture, Cynthia and her team weren't just there to sell; they were there to build connections. Through pop-ups like Olala's, she's been able to truly understand her clientele and expand her glam universe, adding the game-changing Glam Game Magnetic Lashes to her line-up.

Husbands Just Don't Get It, Do They?
Now here’s a cute snippet. Her husband initially shrugged at the magnetic lashes, thinking they were "just fake lashes." He couldn't be more wrong. In Cynthia's words, these lashes are THE answer.

Why Olala Events Is Her Jam
As you know, Olala Events isn't just a marketplace; it's a community of incredible women uplifting one another. When Cynthia first joined our Olala circle back in 2020, she found a nurturing network of women eager to share advice and feedback. It’s not just about selling, it's about personal and brand growth.

A Few Pearls of Wisdom
Before we wrap up, here's some wisdom from the Glam Queen herself. If you're a rising entrepreneur, Cynthia advises you to start small but think big. Her table at Olala events always has something for everyone, from teen deals to luxe options. She reminds us to embrace feedback, evolve, and never forget to enjoy the journey.

Don’t Miss Out!
Guess what? Cynthia will be gracing us with her glam-tastic presence at the next Olala Pop-Up Market in Siesta Key Village. Mark those calendars, folks!

There you have it—a truly inspiring tale of a woman making her mark in the world, shared here through Olala Events, your go-to platform for women who dream big and glam hard. Can't wait to see you all at our next event. Until then, keep being fabulous! 💖✨